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Lucid is an easy-to-use Email Marketing solution that

delivers outstanding results at exceptional value.

About us

Dedicated to simplicity, Lucid is an email solution that you can rely on. Developed by leading marketeers, we offer all the functionality required to create, test, deliver and optimise your email campaigns whilst reducing your marketing costs.

Our Email Marketing specialists and Account Managers are always on hand to offer any support you require when working with Lucid. We will happily answer queries and proactively manage your account to ensure the successful performance of your email campaigns.


Not only will Lucid schedule emails in advance, it also has the capacity to hold creatives for broadcast when selected actions are completed by our clients’ prospective customers. For example, when a user signs up on your website a welcome mail will be triggered from the system. Lucid also understands the importance of preparation; use our dependable deliverability-testing suite to assess how your email will display before you distribute. Our system also provides the option for businesses to import ready-made lists and organise their target markets into relevant data catalogues. Save time with Lucid’s ‘drag & drop’ whiteboard tool to automate your sends and data flow.


As well as sending and scheduling standard campaigns, our custom API function means companies gain a refined insight into entities such as website administration and internal CRM systems. Lucid can connect with your datasets to enable greater integration, flexibility and speed.


Lucid’s sophisticated reporting suite permits our clients to drill down into groups of creatives or individual mailings to ascertain the effectiveness of their broadcasts. In easy-to-understand graphs, charts and grids of your choice, the system allows you to see visual representations of campaign statistics. We can arrange for regular reports to be sent to you within a selected and convenient timeframe. Our pledge is to provide a reliable, lucid solution that delivers long-term value to your business.

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